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Thank-you for visiting FlooringQuoter, the largest independent flooring network in the UK.

We hope that your personal online quotation has given you a guide to what you should expect to pay for your intended purchase. We are also able to recommend up to 3 FlooringQuoter Approved companies to visit you and provide exact quotations for the work you require and we will contact you shortly to discuss this.

Deposit Protection

As well as saving money and having confidence in the companies that we recommend, one of the major benefits of using FlooringQuoter is that if you decide to make a purchase from one of those companies your deposit will be FlooringQuoter protected.

How Does it Work?

In the unlikely event that a company we have recommended to you ceases trading we will ensure that your installation is completed to a similar standard by another FlooringQuoter approved company and you will only pay the balance remaining on your contract.

The Rules
1) Your order is placed with a company recommended to you by FlooringQuoter.
2) You pay no more than 10% of the full order value as deposit.
3) A copy of the contract is approved by our Deposit Indemnity Claims
department within 14 days of you placing the order.

The Procedure

To take advantage of this protection you must, within 14 days of placing your order, send a copy to:
Deposit Indemnity Claims
Price Engines Ltd
Pioneer House
Derby Road
DE73 7HL

Provided the order is approved you will be sent a unique protection number which must be used in the event of making a claim.

Peace of Mind

The FlooringQuoter service is completely Free of charge but will:
- Provide you with guide prices so that you can budget for your purchase and avoid paying too much.
- Recommend to you approved companies whose performances are constantly monitored.
- Possibly save you money because member companies benefit from lower marketing costs, which they may pass on to you and they know they have to compete with other member companies for your business.
- Protect your deposit.